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Learning To Love The Person In The Mirror with Helena Grace Donald

November 3, 2017
In this episode I spoke to Helena Grace Donald about her fantastic book Learning To Love The Girl In The Mirror.
Helena suffered from bulimia as a teenager, always feeling like she wasn't perfect, listening to and believing "Little Miss Critical," the voice in her head that made her feel like she was never enough. Finally Helena hit rock bottom and decided she could no longer live that way. Her book details her journey in learning to love the girl in the mirror.
We spoke about how the mainstream media puts pressure on, not just women, but also men to look a certain way, how social media can make you feel inadequate and how pressures or comments from friends and loved ones can be incredibly damaging to our confidence. We talk about taking control on the voice in our head and remember, "if you wouldn't say it to your best friend, do not say it to yourself."
Go to Girl Unfiltered to learn more. The link to Helena's book is below.
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